The crew

Your guides in the Seto Islands

By arnaud In Cruises Origami - Sushi - Yukata

Kosei MONDA, your skipper

Kosei_MONDA-01Born in Osaka, he began his sailing training at the Hikone Yacht School while still a student. He later became an instructor at the same school. Member of the underwater diving club at the university, he acquired extensive experience in nautical sports.

He participated in many regattas in Japan and outside such as the Sidney-Hobart. In 1978, he started a sailboat import company sailboats and has been working there for over 30 years. He was born in 1950, and he is a sea dog, who knows quantity of sailing stories, some true other legendary. A veteran of the sea of Seto, he likes to sail in calm father with his grandchildren. An avid scuba diving and of japanese baths. He speaks English and Japanese.
October 1950 Birth in Osaka

1968       Entered Hikone Yacht School in Biwako
1975       Sailboats race between Hawaii and Okinawa
1978       Sashima Qton World
1981       Member of the Japanese Team <TOGO> in the Admiral-Cup, Kenwood-Cup, Sardegna-Cup, Sydney-Hobart Race

Akiko MIYAZAKI, your hostess

MIYAZAKI-AkikoYour private guide to make you understand the habits and customs of Japan

Originally from the city of Osaka, she chose this profession because of her passion for the sea.

She left college with a music license in her pocket. She worked her way and tried s her luck with opera. She received a scholarship, she left for Italy to perfect her training. She learned Italian opera and bel canto and became a soprano singer. Occasionally, she gave music and singing lessons and played piano

While in Italy, she worked as a hostess on sailboats. She was a hostess on super yachts in the Balearic Islands, the Aeolian Islands and Asia. She speaks Japanese, English, Italian and a little French. She owns a 32-foot sloop and sails in the sea of Seto.

She loves ballroom dancing and cooking. She knows European tastes after spending a long time in Italy. You will enjoy her Mediterranean cuisine, her seafood specialties from the Seto Sea and, of course, her Japanese cuisine. If you wish, she will introduce you to making sushi. You will make makizushi with her and will choose your own ingredients for your cooking. During the cruise, she will suggest Japanese cuisine seen especially in small restaurants or small typical bars: temakizushi, okonomiyaki, yakisoba, teriyaki hamburger-ni katsu, ramen, somen, etc.

A true ambassadrice of Japan etiquette on land, she will teach you, during the cruise, how to dress with yukata, traditional light clothing, will introduce you to origami, the Japanese art of folding paper, teach you to play the game flowers, hanafuda 花 札, a traditional card game. She will lead for you to a tea ceremony or give you the keys of the Way to Flowers, ikebana 生 け 花, the traditional Japanese art of flower arrangement.