Japan Yacht Charter

First Charter Company in the Sea of Seto

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Japan Yacht Charter, first sailboat or cabin rental company in Japan

There are indeed charter companies in many of the world’s destinations, but there used to be none in Japan

Passionate about sailing vacations, passionate about Japan and vacations off the beaten path, tourists visiting Japan and wishing to discover authentic places? Japan Yacht Charter invites you to a cruise between modern and traditional Japan, from timeless small islands to major cities, short or long itineraries, by the cabin or chartering a boat with friends, Japan Yacht Charter will have an offer adapted to your stay.

This cruise can be the purpose of your trip to Japan, or be part of a tourist itinerary after visiting Tokyo or before climbing Mount Fuji.

The navigation area, the Seto Sea, is full of treasures, unusual sceneries, encounters with the Japan of yesteryear, or with Japanesefood and Japanese customs.

La mer intérieure de Seto au sud ouest du Japon

La mer intérieure de Seto au sud ouest du Japon

Your crew will offer you a truly unique hospitality.

In Japanese, it is possible to describe it in only one word: o-mo-te-na-shi.

The “omotenashi ” is a deep sense of hospitality, generous and selfless going back to the time of our ancestors and which has remained rooted in Japan’s ultra modern culture.

This “omotenashi” explains why the Japanese cares so much about one another, the same way they care about their guests.

Discover inter-island cruises in the land of the rising sun. A unique experience in the heart of Japan.

The Japan Yacht Charter company has chosen to operate in the exceptional scenery of the Inland Seto Sea, in the southwest of Japan. This is not by coincidence:

  • The Seto Sea is over 3,000 islands in a Mediterranean-type climate. You will find fishermen islands, small islands with terrace cultivation reserved for fields of oranges and olives trees.
  • There you can see many vestiges of history and culture, many remnants of the old Japan.
  • People are very hospitable. Not very many people speak English, but they are so kind… Moreover, you have an hostess and a skipper who will be your interpreters and your ambassadors to the Japanese culture.
  • The Seto Sea is a closed sea, there are no high waves, strong swells or heavy choppy waters. However, navigation is dominated by currents and the tide, which may, in some places, be impressive. This is why your skipper is Japanese and has a great experience of the Sea of Seto
  • You will discover the meaning of the Japanese word “Omotenashi“. The welcoming, the hospitality with a heart. A Franco-Japanese female journalist popularized “omotenashi” while presenting the Tokyo Olympic Games for the year 2020. But the inhabitants of the Sea of Seto already know that word and have been applying it naturally since the dawn of time .