from Shôdoshima to Ushimado

5-day on the Sea of Seto

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5-day cruise on the Sea of Seto

Departure from Shôdoshima :

  • Tuesday, august 2nd 2016
  • Special offer : Tuesday, august 9th 2016 – 20% off for this departure
  • Tuesday, november 14th 2016
  • Tuesday, december 26th 2016


Day 1


  • Welcome and boarding at noon
  • Presentation of the boat and its crew
  • Visite libre de Furusato-Mura (à pied ou location de vélos). Location de kayak ou trekking en option
  • Le 16 septembre de chaque année, le temple de shintoisme Azukijima-jinja organise une fête pour demander et remercier des bonnes récoltes d’automne à la déesse de Shôdoshima qui s’appelle Ônude-hime. Pendant cette fête, il y a des danses traditionnelles des prêtresses qui s’appellent “Miko no mai”. Il y a aussi des divertissements locaux tels que les musiques anciennes interprétées uniquement pour les dieux . Cette fête débute d’abord dans le sanctuaire principal qui se situe au sommet du mont Hoshigajyo et ensuite dans une salle de culte Mikasa de la gorge de Kankakei. Après cette date, il y aura des fêtes d’automne partout dans cette île.

Day 2

Angel Road

Angel Road

Shôdoshima – Megi-jima – Takamatsu

  • Breakfast, departure from Furusato-Mura for a short walk to Angel Road, the lovers’ island (beautiful view over the sandy bars)
  • Departure from Shôdoshima for Megi-jima
  • Visit of the mystical island of the ogres l’île mythique des ogres and of the Oniga-shima grotto (legend of Momotarô)
  • Short cruise to Takamatsu (the capital city of Kagawa on Shikoku’s big Island)
  • Arrival at Takamatsu. Visit of the small kotoden train with the cruise crew, visit of the Ritsurin-Koüen Japanese garden.

Day 3

Grand pont de Seto “Seto Ô-hashi”

Grand pont de Seto “Seto Ô-hashi” © Japan Yacht Charter


Visite de Honjima © Japan Yacht Charter

Takamatsu – Honjima – Naöshima*

  • Breakfast in Takamatsu, departure to Honjima (ancient island of the fifteen century military base).
  • Leaving for the Seto Big Bridge “Seto Ô-hashi” (an ensemble of bridges connecting the Okayama and Kagawa departments through a series of five small Islands)
  • Arrival at Honjima. Lunch aboard, walk on land. possibility of renting bicycles.
  • Visit of Shiwaku-kinbansho (former autonomous building on the island), Kasajima-hozon-chiku (historical city from the Edo period), of the fishermen’s city and of the districts near the sea and its sloping roads.

* The Honjima stopover depends on the tide, possible change of direction to Naöshima.

Day 4

Yellow pumpkin Yayoi Kusama

Yellow pumpkin Yayoi Kusama

Honjima – Naöshima – Ushimado – Miyatake

  • Breakfast, departure from Honjima to Naöshima (central island of 27 small islands in the national Inland Sea of Seto park, known for Its contemporary art).
  • Naöshima, free activity on land. Visit of the Naöshima Benesse Art Site (optional)
  • Lunch on the boat, departure to Ushimado. Panorama on the island of Inujima
  • Coffee break at Hotel Rimani of Ushimado
  • Departure to Mushiake.
  • Arrival at 5PM in Mushiake (ResiaMarina)

Day 5

Sunrise In Mushiake


  • 08:00    End of the stay in Mushiake (ResiaMarina) and transfer

Tour price

  • Double bed cabin: € 1,300
  • Cabin suite: € 1,800

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