From Hiroshima to Tokushima

11-day cruise on the Sea of Seto

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Itinerary of the immersion course in the Sea of Seto’s 7 prefectures

Departure from Hiroshima: Saturday, October 29th 2016

Day 1



Hiroshima – Ninoshima – Miyajima

  • Welcome and boarding at noon In Hiroshima (Grand Prince Hotel Hiroshima). of the boat and its crew.
  • Cruise to Ninoshima (a 30-minute navigation)
  • Mooring in Ninoshima with view on Aki-no-Kofuji mountain (278 m), which in Japanese means “small Mount Fuji”. Lunch aboard
  • Cruise to Miyajima (one and a half hour of navigation)
  • Miyajima. Walk to and guided visit of Itsukushima-jinja (Shinto sanctuary listed in UNESCO’s world Heritage since 1996), creative workshops to make your own Momiji Manjû (small cakes with a maple leaf) and Shakushi (spatulas for rice) optional.
  • Back to the boat and dinner.

Day 2


Photo : © Setouchi-Finder


Photo : © Setouchi-Finder

Miyajima – Hashirajima – Kurahashijima

  • After breakfast, departure from Miyajima and sailing to Hashirajima, about a three-hour cruise. Stopover and environ trois heures de croisière. Escale et visite d’Okimi-beach (very beautiful beach). Arrival in Hashirajima and landing ashore for a walk.
  • After lunch on the boat, departure from Hashirajima and sailing to Kurahashi-jima (a one hour cruise.
  • Arrival in Kurahashi-jima (Kinaga-bana point), relaxing on the beach. Leaving for Ôurazaki point (a three-hour cruise).
  • Arrival at Ôurazaki point. A walk on land, beach and nautical activities, Garden BBQ party

Day 3




Photo : © Setouchi-Finder

Kurahashijima – Shimokamagarijima – Ôsakishimojima – Ôsakikamijima

  • After breakfast, departure from Kurahashi-jima and heading to Shimokamagari-jim, about a one-hour cruise. View on the very narrow Ondo-no-seto channel further.
  • Arrival in Shimokamagari-jima, landing and walk. Visit of the Shôtôen (Garden and 4 old Japanese houses) and Rantôkaku museum.
  • After breakfast, departure from Shimokamagari-jima and sailing to Ôsaki-shimojima, about a 3-hour cruise.
  • Arrival in Ôsaki-shimojima in the port of Mitarai (old city from the 15th century). Anchorage and landing to wander around for 1 hour.
  • Back to the boat and departure from Ôsaki-shimojima and sailing to Ôsaki-kamijima, about a 1-hour cruise.
  • Arrival in Ôsakikamijima at the end of the day and anchorage.

Day 4




Ôsakikamijima – Ôkunoshima – Ômishima

  • Landing and walk through Ôsakikamijima. Free leisure time or trekking.
  • Activities such as tour on a Kayak and visit of old traditional houses..
  • After breakfast in Ôsakikamijima, sailing to Ôkunoshima, about a 1-hour cruise. View of  Chigirijima (îsland full of factories) further.
  • Arrival in Ôkunoshima. Free time for an hour or visit of the Island.
  • Departure from Ôkunoshima, sailing to Ômishima.
  • Arrival in Ômishima at the end of the day and docking at the Imabari-Miyaüra SeaStation. Free visit of Ôyamazumi-jinja (a Shinto sanctuary located in Ômishima island) and Hômotsuden (“samurai” armory museum) optional.

Day 5




Photo : © Setouchi-Finder

Ômishima – Ôshima – Yugeshima

  • After breakfast, departure from Ômishima and sailing to Ôshima, about a 2-hour cruise. Arrival in Ôshima, free leisure time on land such as Murakami-Suïgun-Hakubutsukan (Murakami navy museum).
  • After lunch, guided visit of the Noshima tower with its history and thrills during swirls, optional.
  • Back to the boat, departure from Ôshima and sailing to Yugeshima, about a 1-hour cruise.
  • Arrival in Yugeshima at the end of the day and docking at Yuge-SeaStation.

Day 6






Yugeshima – Tomonoüra – Shiraishijima – Manabeshima

  • After breakfast, departure from Yugeshima and sailing to Tomono-ura (transit of the bay between Setouchi east and west with old time sea traffic) about a 2-hour cruise.
  • Arrival in Tomono-ura and landing for walking in the 15th century historical city.
  • Departure from Tomono-ura and sailing to Shiraishi-jima (describes as a national park with beautiful view on the whole island) about a 1-hour cruise.
  • Arrival in Shiraishi-jima, welcome at the Okayama prefecture, “Hare no Kuni (land where the sun always shines)”!
  • After lunch, landing for a walk. Beach bar and kayak rentals, optional.
  • Departure from Shiraishi-jima and sailing to Manabe-shima, about a 2-hour cruise.
  • Arrival in Manabe-shima and docking at the dock. Come and taste together the seafood pizza, warm or carpaccio-style!

Day 7



Photo : © Setouchi-Finder


Photo : © Setouchi-Finder


Manabeshima – Honjima – Naoshima – Megi-jima – Ogi-jima

  • After breakfast, departure from Manabe-shima and sailing to Honjima, about a 2-hour cruise.
  • Arrival in Honjima and landing for a walk. After lunch aboard, sailing to Naoshima.
  • Arrival in Naoshima, free leisure time on land with famous modern arts for two hours.
  • Back to the boat and sailing to Megi-jima.
  • Arrival in Megi-jima and visit of the Oniga-shima grotto (Momotaro legend).
  • Sailing to Ogi-jima and anchorage.

Day 8

Japanese garden

Photo : © Setouchi-Finder


Japanese garden

Photo : © Setouchi-Finder

Ogijima – Takamatsu – Shôdoshima

  • Departure from Ogijima and sailing to Takamatsu, a short cruise.
  • Arrival in Takamatsu and landing. Visit with the cruise crew of the Takamatsu-Kotohira Electric Railroad and tour of Ritsurin-Koüen park (traditional boat and green tea included) optional.
  • After lunch, departure from Takamatsu and sailing to Shôdoshima, about a one and a half hour cruise.
  • Arrival in Shôdoshima, landing. Kayak excursion optional.

Day 9






  • After breakfast, cruise around Shôdoshima all day long.
  • Arrival in Ikeda bay. After lunch aboard, landing for a walk.
  • Shôdoshima inter-island tour in a mini-bus, optional.
  • Departure from Ikeda bay and sailing to Yoshida bay, about a two and a half hour cruise.
  • Arrival in Yoshida bay at the end of the day and docking at Seatiger IslandInn Hotel. Enjoy the optional BBQ near the sea.

Day 10

Awa-Odori & Uzu-no-michi danse

Awa-Odori & Uzu-no-michi danse

Awajishima Hamburger

Awajishima Hamburger







Shôdoshima – Awajishima – Naruto

  • Departure from Shôdoshima and sailing to Awaji-shima, about five hours of long navigation. Sailing through the Naruto straight at the end of the cruise.
  • After arriving in Fukura bay in Awaji-shima, lunch aboard. Come and taste the Awajishima Burger (Awaji’s special hamburger) optional.
  • Back to the boat and sailing to Uchino-Umi (Uchino bay in Tokushima, the front side of the Naruto Straight known for its swirls and tides -Uzushiö-) in Tokushima, about a 1-hour cruise.
  • Arrival in Uchino-Umi. Visit of the Awa-Odori and Uzu-no-michi optional.

Day 11


Naruto – KenchoPia

  • Departure from Uchino-Umi and sailing to Tokushima KenchoPia, about a two and a half hour cruise.
  • Arrival in Tokushima KenchoPia, disembarkation at 8:00am and transfer

Tour price

  • double bed cabin: 350,000 ¥ (about € 2,570)
  • Cabin suite: 530,000 ¥ (about € 3,890)

Interactive map of cruise immersion course in the Sea of Seto’s 7 prefectures

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Click on the itineraries or stopovers for details or open the map separately

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