From Hiroshima to Ômishima

5 days on the west of sea of Seto

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Itinerary of the 5-day cruise in the Western Sea of Seto

Departure from Hiroshima :

  • Saturday, September 17th 2016
  • Saturday, October 15th 2016

Departure from Ômishima (reverse cruise) :

  • Tuesday, September 13th 2016
  • Tuesday, October 11th 2016

Day 1

Grand Prince Hotel Hiroshima

Grand Prince Hôtel Hiroshima

Aki-no-KoFuji (mini-Mt.Fuji à Hiroshima)

Aki-no-KoFuji (small-Mt.Fuji à Hiroshima)



Hiroshima – Ninoshima – Miyajima

  • Welcoming and boarding at noon in Hiroshima (Grand Prince Hôtel Hiroshima). Presentation of the boat and its crew
  • Cruise to Ninoshima (a 30-minute navigation)
  • Mooring in Ninoshima, with view on the Aki-no-Kofuji mountain (278 m) “The small Mount Fuji” In Japanese. Lunch aboard
  • Cruise to Miyajima, island of Itsukushima (a one and a half hour navigation)
  • Miyajima. Promenade and free visit in Itsukushima-jinja: Shinto sanctuary registered in the Unesco World Heritage since 1996) with guide, creative workshops to make your own Momiji Manjû (small cookies with a maple leaf) and Shakushi (rice spatulas) optional.
  • Back to the boat and dinner


    Momiji Manjû

Day 2

Yamato Museum Kure

Yamato Museum Kure


Military boats at Kure


Channel Ondo no Seto

Miyajima – Kure – Kurahashijima

  • Breakfast in Miyajima
  • Cruise to Kure (about 3 hours)
  • Important naval base. Many military ships
  • Arrival in Kure. Lunch on the boat then disembarking
  • Visit of the Yamato Museum optional
  • Departure to Kurahashijima (about 1 hour and 1/2)
  • Passing through the Ondo-no-Seto channel
  • Arrival in Kurahashijima
  • Anchoring in Ôurazaki and disembarking
  • Beautiful beaches (optional nautical sports)
Kurahashijima plage de Katsurahama

Kurahashijima beach of Katsurahama

Day 3


Mt. KannoMineYama Ôsakishimojima

Mt. KannoMineYama Ôsakishimojima


Kurahashijima – Shimokamagarijima – Ôsakishimojima – Ôsakikamijima

  • Breakfast, Departure to Shimokamagarijima (about a 1 hour cruise)
  • Arrival in Shimokamagarijima
  • Free morning or visit of the Shôtôen (Garden and 4 old Japanese houses)
  • Rantôkaku Museum optional
  • Lunch, Departure to Ôsakishimojima (about a 3-hour cruise)
  • Anchoring in Mitarai and disembarking
  • Departure to Ôsakikamijima (a 1 hour cruise)
  • Arrival in Ôsakikamijima at the end of the day and anchoring.


Day 4


Shôtôen of Shimokamagarijima

photos "KAZI Magazine"

photos “KAZI Magazine”



Ôsakikamijima – Ôkunoshima – Ômishima

  • Promenade in Ôsakikamijima free activities, trekking, tour in kayaks and visit of old traditional houses
  • Lunch in Ôsakikamijima
  • Cruise to Ôkunoshima (about 1 hour)
  • View on the island of Chigirijima (island filled with factories) further
  • Free time or visit of the island of Ôkunoshima
  • Cruise to Ômishima
  • Arrival in Ômishima at the end of the day
  • Docking at the pontoon of Imabari-Miyaüra SeaStation
© photos "KAZI Magazine"

© photo “KAZI Magazine”

Day 5

© photos "KAZI Magazine"

© photo “KAZI Magazine”

Le temple Choseizan Kosanji

The Choseizan Kosanji temple

© photos "KAZI Magazine"

© photos “KAZI Magazine”



  • Disembarking at 08:00 am in Ômishima (Ômishima SeaStation) and transfer

Le temple Choseizan Kosanji

Price of the cruise:

5 days & 4 nights on « Cara », a Lagoon 400S2

  • cabin large bed : 1,300  €
  • cabin suite : 1,800  €

* Payment on the spot for all additional activity, for example: optional museum or kayak

Before and after your stay:

We recommend that you stay before and after the Cruise:

  • Hiroshima: Grand Prince Hotel Hiroshima starting at 11,000 yen per person for one night with breakfast Included
  • Ômishima: local boarding house starting at 7,000 yen per person for one night with two meals included



*Prices before taxes service included

Interactive map of the 5-day Cruise in the western Sea of Seto

Click on the itineraries of the stopovers to get details, or open the map separately

Click on the itineraries of the stopovers to get details, or open the map separately

(Itineraries and excursions may be modified without advanced notice due to unforeseen circumstances of the weather or for technical reasons beyond our control)