Frequently asked questions

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What is the weather like?

Hiroshima has a humid subtropical climate that is mild with no dry season, constantly moist (year-round rainfall), called “Cfa” according to Köppen-Geiger classification. The average rainfall is rather high, even during the driest month. The average temperature is 15.8°C and the average rainfall is 1579.2mm

Are there hurricanes?

Hurricanes are violent thundery low storms with high rainfalls and twisting winds that can reach 186mph. Hurricanes’ season is between May and October. It is important, during this season, to be kept abreast and pay attention to the weather forecast.

Information and weather forecast

Japanese weather forecasts report the hurricanes and offer real-time monitoring, giving us their trajectory and strength

For further information in English:

– Radio : Inter-FM in Tokyo : 76.1 and Yokohama-FM : 84.7

– On TV : NHK Channel, at 7pm, offers detailed weather forecast.

In case of hurricane, listen to the local news and recommendations.

Is August a good period in Japan?

August is hot and humid and the wind is generally low. This is not the best time to go sailing but, on the other hand it is the festival season. May or October are the best months for sailing, for tourism in general and in particular, for sightseeing.


Rail Network

It’s a dense, modern and high-quality rail network, enabling you to move quickly from a point to another thanks to fast trains (Shinkansen), but with a fare as expensive as the aircraft one.

That’s why we recommend you to buy a “Japan Rail Pass” before your departure which is valid for an unlimited journey on the Japanese rail network, with a time limit from 7 to 21 days.


Is it possible to charter the entire boat for passengers + Crew?

Yes, it is. You can charter the entire boat, (Lagoon 400 or Gibsea 52) in Seto Inland Sea.


Is it possible to dive in Japan or in the seto islands ?

It is in Japan but diving is not recommended in the Seto Islands. Instead, we recommend you to rent a catamaran yacht with diving option in Miyako-jima, far west of OKINAWA.

The website is in Japanese, so we would be pleased to forward your message to them, if you need so.

How long , how many days is the charter?

We recommend a 7-night program between Hiroshima and Onomichi. Visit Miyajima and its interesting historical place, including tidal boat ride. However, a  3-night trip is also acceptable.

Is it possible to rent the ship to travel bareboat?

No, the Japanese law prohibits it. You have to be Japanese to communicate with other ships and manage the heavy traffic of the Sea of Seto.

Manner, behavior

Habits and costumes

Because of its significant westernization, Japan has abandoned many of its common pre-war rituals in today’s daily life. Still, people continue to remove their shoes at home or in the temples and use chopsticks to eat.

It is recommended to behave respectfully with the others in all times and especially in public places.

Ambassadors of Japanese culture, your hostess and skipper will be your translators and will be pleased to help you understand the Japanese habits and costumes.

Access , custom in Japan

For any trip over 3 months, a visa is mandatory.

To be admitted in the territory, you must present a passport which is valid until the return date.

Foreign nationals who enter in the Japanese territory are subject to biometric data.

During customs formalities, Japanese immigration requires fingerprints and a facial photograph.

Travel tips


For more information, contact the Japanese embassy of your country before leaving.

Aggressions are rare and you can travel freely at any hour. However, as elsewhere in the world, there may be pickpockets in very touristic or crowded places such as train stations.

In case of difficulty, go straight to a “koban”, a small police station easy to recognize. The policemen in uniforms are able to provide assistance to foreign nationals if need be. Moreover, they can direct you to other public services for follow-ups.