Between Okayama and Kagawa

8-day on the Sea of Seto

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8-day cruise on the Sea of Seto

Departure from Mushiake:

  • Saturday, July 30th 2016
  • Saturday, August 6th  2016 Special offer : 20% off for this departure
  • Saturday, November 12th 2016
  • Saturday, December 24th 2016

Day 1



Mushiake – Hinase – Bôzejima

  • Welcome and boarding at noon in Mushiake
  • Presentation of the boat and its crew, departure toward Mushiake Bay and lunch.
  • Departure toward Hinase (a city renown for its seafood).
  • A walk and visit of the Gomi no Ïchi seafood market
  • Cruise to Bôzejima, the fishermen’s island. Its small port and its colorful traditional fishing boats decorated with flags.
  • Mooring in Bôzejima bay and dinner.
  • Possibility to visit the statue of Benzaïten (Sarasvatī, a Japanese and Hindue Buddhist divinity) and the fishermens’s village.

© Les montagnes de Harima, Blog de ShimiKen

Day 2


Shodoshima guide M.Yamamoto

Bôzejima – Shôdoshima

  • Mooring in Bôzejima . Visit of a fish farming and fishing center. Optional: going out with a fisherman for initiation to Japanese fishing techniques.
  • Cruise to Shôdoshima, second island in the Sea of Seto
  • Docking at the Seatiger Island Inn Hotel’s dock (nautical activities, kayak, snorkeling, etc.)
  • Bains japonais (Japanese baths) renown and feeding on a source from the neighboring mountain.
  • Nearby, beginning of a hiking path and discovery of birds endemic to this mountain.
  • Barbecue near the sea (optional).


Day 3






  • After breakfast, cruise around Shôdoshima all day long or tour of the island of Shôdoshima in a mini bus. Visit of traditional factory of soy sauce, olive trees plantation, the rebuilt village used in the movie Twenty-four Eyes, temples and many other points of interest.
  • KANKAKEI trecking 2H + return transfer. You can ride aerial tramway if you want use one way or return
  • Docking at the Furusato-Mura Sea Station’s dock (small typical rural village In Ikeda), lunch and dinner Included.

Day 4

Gorges de Kankakei en automne

Gorges de Kankakei en automne

Fabrication de sômen : nouilles blanches très fines

Fabrication de sômen : nouilles blanches très fines

Décor du tournage du film Twenty-four Eyes

Décor du tournage du film Twenty-four Eyes


  • Breakfast
  • Free visit of Furusato-Mura on foot or rented bicycle all day long.
  • Sight seeing tour for 3hours by private car.
  • After a lunch, get on minibus and visit soya factory”Yamaroku”, narrowest channel of the world “Dobuchi Kaikyo”,”Meipam museum”, movie site “24eyes”, short walk at Nakayama village, olive farm , visit some temple and shrine. See below website for each spot. In case of enjoy private walk in local town by foot, we have enough time at Shodoshima.
  • Possibility of guided excursion in a kayak & snorkeling or optional trekking.

Day 5

Angel Road

Angel Road


Shôdoshima – Megi-jima – Takamatsu

  • Breakfast, departure from Furusato-Mura for a short walk to Angel Road, the lovers’ island (beautiful view over the sandy bars)
  • Departure from Shôdoshima for Megi-jima
  • Visit of the mystical island of the ogres l’île mythique des ogres and of the Oniga-shima grotto (legend of Momotarô)
  • Short cruise to Takamatsu (the capital city of Kagawa on Shikoku’s big Island)
  • Arrival at Takamatsu. Visit of the small kotoden train with the cruise crew, visit of the Ritsurin-Koüen Japanese garden.

Day 6

Grand pont de Seto “Seto Ô-hashi”

Grand pont de Seto “Seto Ô-hashi” © Japan Yacht Charter


Visite de Honjima © Japan Yacht Charter

Takamatsu – Honjima – Naöshima*

  • Breakfast in Takamatsu, departure to Honjima (ancient island of the fifteen century military base).
  • Leaving for the Seto Big Bridge “Seto Ô-hashi” (an ensemble of bridges connecting the Okayama and Kagawa departments through a series of five small Islands)
  • Arrival at Honjima. Lunch aboard, walk on land. possibility of renting bicycles.
  • Visit of Shiwaku-kinbansho (former autonomous building on the island), Kasajima-hozon-chiku (historical city from the Edo period), of the fishermen’s city and of the districts near the sea and its sloping roads.

* The Honjima stopover depends on the tide, possible change of direction to Naöshima.

Day 7

Yellow pumpkin Yayoi Kusama

Yellow pumpkin Yayoi Kusama

Honjima – Naöshima – Ushimado – Miyatake

  • Breakfast, departure from Honjima to Naöshima (central island of 27 small islands in the national Inland Sea of Seto park, known for Its contemporary art).
  • Naöshima, free activity on land. Visit of the Naöshima Benesse Art Site (optional)
  • Lunch on the boat, departure to Ushimado. Panorama on the island of Inujima
  • Coffee break at Hotel Rimani of Ushimado
  • Departure to Mushiake.
  • Arrival at 5PM in Mushiake (ResiaMarina)

Day 8

Sunrise In Mushiake


  • 08:00    End of the stay in Mushiake (ResiaMarina) and transfer

Tour price

  • Double bed cabin€ 1,900
  • Cabin suite: € 2,700

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